Abdul Wahed Sidiqi

MD,PGD, MSc, FESC, Assistant professor of Cardiology, Founder & President

Abdul Wahed Sidiqi graduated as an MD in 2001 from Kabul University of Medical Science and 2004, joined as an Assistant Professor at the Cardiology department of Kabul University of Medical Science. In 2006, he first trained in noninvasive Cardiology at Escort Heart Institute and Research Center, India. In 2008, completed a fellowship in Cardiology in the Netherlands; in 2009, funded Ariana Hospital in Kabul and started the practice of professional Cardiology and training program in Echocardiography and Noninvasive Cardiology for Doctors ( has trained more than 100 Doctors in this field) in 2011, Participated in International advanced training of Cardiovascular application in Seoul University South Korea. In 2012, he was awarded a Trainer of Echocardiography by the Ministry of Public Health; in 2014, he completed the online ACLS Training Program at Virginia University of the United States of America. In 2017, he obtained a master’s degree in invasive cardiology at Avesina Tajik Medical University of Tajikistan. 2018, he completed his online master’s program in Advanced TTE & TEE at Viana Medical University. In 2018, he funded a state-of-the-art medical center named Ariana Medical Complex In Kabul. In 2023, he was elected as FESC. Achievements:  2005 – Development of Basic ECG Curriculum and conducting training (3 months) for medical students at Kabul Medical University (more than 1000 Graduated from this Program)  2009 – Founder of Ariana Hospital, who has been working as chairman and head of the cardiology department.  2009 – Development of Echocardiography Curriculum and conducting training; Lectures and practical Classes (6 months) for the first time in Afghanistan (100s of doctors from all over the country trained in Ariana Hospital and Heart Institute of Kabul University of Medical Science, Kabul, Afghanistan).  2011– Founder of the Echocardiography Society of Afghanistan.  2015– Founder of Afghanistan Cardiovascular Association, elected as President of this Association.  2015 – Development of ACLS Curriculum and publishing of CPR Book in Dari language and conducting training; Lectures and practical Classes (2 weeks) for medical students, Doctors, Nurses, and Anesthesiologist at Heart Institute of Kabul University of Medical Science, Ariana Hospital and Herat province of Afghanistan (1300 trained).  2012-2015 – Research Project on the Incidence of different types of Cardiomyopathies and their differentiation by Echocardiography in Patients presented at Aliabad Teaching Hospital and Ariana Hospital.  2010 – 2022: Publication of articles in national and international journals.  2015 – 2017 Research Project on PCI / Medical Management in Chronic Coronary Artery Disease (Ariana Hospital and Avicenna Tajik Medical University, Tajikistan) thesis for a master’s degree.  2015 – 2017 – Developing Curriculum and conducting Doppler Training Program for Female Doctors at Ariana Hospital By supporting USAID in  2015 -2018 –  was a medical director at the Heart Institute of Kabul Medical University.  2018 - Founder of Ariana Medical Complex, a state-of-the-art referral medical center in Kabul, Afghanistan.  2017– Become a professional member of the European Society of Cardiology.  2018 – Founder of Ariana Medical Journal  2019 – Continues to conduct research projects on the Relationship between mouth hygiene and the incidence of RVHD in rural patients presented at Ariana Medical Complex.  2020 – continue – Conducting Research Projects on the Influence of Mothers’ multi-parity & economic conditions on Incidences of Congenital Heart Disease in children presented at Ariana Medical Complex.  2021 – Founder of Ariana Medical Journal.  2022– Has been elected as FESC.

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