In 2005, a basic echocardiography training was inaugurated by Professor Dangler of Germany, facilitated by the DAAD. Among the attendees were the esteemed founders of ACA: Abdul Wahed Sidiqi, Hedayatullah Lalzai, and Hamedullah Jubran, who were three of the five participants. Mr. Sidiqi further enriched his expertise in 2008 by undertaking a year-long cardiology program at the ZK Group Twente, Netherlands.

Upon his return to Kabul, he founded Ariana Hospital in 2009 and initiated comprehensive training in echocardiography and non-invasive cardiology in Afghanistan. In 2014 five members of ACA have been awarded as Trainers of Echocardiography by Minister of Public Health of Afghanistan.

Since its inception, he has successfully trained over 100 physicians, both male and female, in this specialized field. Now in 4 Governmental and private Hospitals training of Echocardiography has been conducted.

Training In Afghanistan

International Training