Message of the President...

Distinguished Colleagues, Esteemed Partners, and Dear Patients.
As the Afghanistan Cardiovascular Association (ACA) president, I state my heartiest appreciation to all who have dedicated their time, expertise, and passion to Establishing and advancing our association.
Our nation stands at a significant crossroads in its healthcare evolution. The situation on cardiovascular health is more critical now than ever, demanding our undivided attention and endeavors. Our vision is to place cardiovascular health at the forefront of Afghanistan’s health priorities. We envision an Afghanistan where everyone, everywhere in the country, regardless of socio-economic status, is entitled to high-quality care and earns the knowledge to ensure a heart-healthy lifestyle.
Our unwavering commitment is to enhance Afghanistan’s cardiovascular healthcare sector through cutting-edge approaches, rigorous research, and comprehensive educational initiatives. We support evidence-based methods, foster valuable collaborations within the medical community, and empower our society with essential information to combat heart-related conditions.
Although the path ahead presents numerous obstacles and challenges , our collective aspirations and collaborative efforts fill us with hope. We can overcome these challenges and turn them in to opportunities, gradually bringing us closer to realizing our vision for a heart-conscious Afghanistan.
I invite all associated with our organization—our esteemed members, strategic partners, cherished patients, or the broader community—to unite in purpose and action for this admirable mission.
Together, let’s build an unmatched tradition of excellence in heart health for Afghanistan .

Warmest regards,
Abdul Wahed Sidiqi, MD, PGD, MIC,FESC
Assistant Professor of Cardiology, KUMS
President, Afghanistan Cardiovascular Association